American Lung Association State of the State Report

Worth a look. Since I will be shopping for a new home within the next year, two tops, I am using this as one of the main criteria when searching for a place to buy a home. Read the report here and find out where your county or specific cities within each state scores.

Another radio update

I was able to eliminate the hum in the audio of the transmitter by moving it to another part of the home. While this still indicates a shielding problem against outside interference in the design of the unit it does mean I will be able to keep it and use the indoor antenna for a while until an outdoor antenna can be installed to increase the range of the station. This will allow testing of the new audio processing software and new automation software possible for the next few months. Thankfully it appears I will not have to return the transmitter to the manufacturer.

Another setback for the Radio Station

I just purchased a new i.a.m Talking House transmitter and unfortunately it has turned out to be defective. A serious non stop humming noise is heard over the audio of the signal and it the problem is with the transmitter itself, not the audio chain. And it is not possible to connect it to a exterior outdoor antenna since the switch to accomplish that is broken. It will have to be shipped back for a refund and possibly a replacement sent with the hope that it will be fully functioning and in working order.

Radio station update

I'm finally moving forward with the test station here at home. The last important piece of equipment is now in place and I will be spending the next few months recording the music for the station. Unfortunately all of my old audio files are now obsolete since they were recorded in a lower fidelity format than what will be required for stereo internet streaming (future endeavor) as well as a 10,000 kHz high end on the AM side of the station. I will be looking at recording several thousand Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary Oldies songs for the station.

I've also decided to use my existing Hamilton Rangemaster transmitter in lieu of purchasing the new Talking House transmitter and Remote Antenna Tuning Unit for now. The Remote Antenna Tuning Unit still has not been made available for purchase and I simply am not in a position to be able to wait any longer if I want to begin testing various audio formats and files to see how they will sound over the air. The drawback to using the Rangemaster in this location is that the range of the AM signal will be very limited and likely won't attract many listeners. But for the sake of testing and fine tuning the sound of the station, simply getting an over the air signal of even a few blocks is better than no on air signal at all. I'll be using AM 1620 for the frequency for now.

The new power supply for the Rangemaster along with frequency modules are on order and should be here soon. Once installed, I believe the station will start its initial test phase in April with the National Weather Service broadcasts while the music format is developed. Also, I will need some time to learn the automation software which is also likely to take weeks or even months since I cannot devote much time to this I need since I will be recording the music at the same time.

I'll post another update on the subject once the station is on the air.

LPAM Network Website

The development of the new replacement site continues. I've almost completed the new site. I expect to have the final edition up and running in a couple of weeks.

Work at my new job in the Cincinnati area continues to go well. Now seeing some Overtime which is always a plus and positive sign that business is good.

Next month I will start to put together the small studio for the Part 15 AM radio station. Just waiting for the new Talking House Remote Antenna Tuning Unit to be released before testing of the station begins. Hoping it will be on the air before the end of this Spring.