Randumb Thoughts for September

***I've often wondered if all those Canada Geese that temporarily reside in this country are here legally?

***Nutley in North Korea is at it again. Trying to start trouble. For those of you that have not figured it out yet, the diminutive leader of that Dwarfdom is trying to goad the USA into a war with China. Don't expect it to happen because China will not support Nutley if he makes a first strike against the USA or one of its allies. And thankfully our leaders have enough sense to realize that as long as we don't initiate a strike against the Dwarf and his Dwarfdom, we will not be held accountable if we have to retaliate because Nutley attacked the USA or one of its allies first.

***Nuke power. Great idea but flawed. While the power is efficient to use, eliminating the waste from the spent reactors is a nightmare. No way to destroy it. And merely containing it for tens of thousands of years ultimately will lead to a catastrophe thanks to a event from Mother Nature that impacts the spent fuel rods where they are stored. Just a matter of time. While it may not happen in our lifetime, eventually it will happen and will make Fukushima's constant leaking of radiation look like small potatoes.

***Now that the Alt Right and Alt Left are fighting with one another in the streets perhaps it is time for those of us that prefer a smaller and less intrusive centralized government to start a new movement. I think it should be called the Alt Center. And the platform shall weight heavily in supporting the Constitution and Constitutional Law in the USA and limited big government. Self empowered people are always the most productive and law abiding people that you will find.