Relocation and Radio Update

By now you know that I will be relocating to the Cincinnati area at the end of the year. I will continue working with my present employer in the Indianapolis area and commute daily to Indianapolis.

I will be trying this arrangement for up to a year to see how the commute goes and also whether I develop sinus problems while living in Cincinnati. Unfortunately I have had major sinus problems while living in some places in the Midwest and I am attempting to find a place where I can live and have less sinus problems develop. Staying in the Kansas City area is not going to work out and also living in Indianapolis or anywhere near it will not work. I have been able to breathe better when I've been in small cities or rural areas some distance away from Indianapolis.

Also, the first Part 15 AM radio station will be hitting the air from the Cincinnati area by the Spring of 2017. I face some big challenges with succeeding in this particular location since the current site, is less than environmentally friendly for a Part 15 AM broadcaster. Unfortunately I do not have the money needed to buy a second property in the area which was essential to reaching an adequate number of potential listeners in my suburb and also an adjacent suburb. Most of you are well aware of the money pit effect I've had to endure for years while living in the Kansas City area and later Indianapolis. While that seems to have finally corrected itself, I am left with a single property that has real obstacles or impediments to broadcasting a decent AM signal for a very low power level. Taller buildings around my property, a very tiny yard, tall trees nearby, lots of pavement, a lack of a good spot to mount the transmitter in the yard or on the home and no room to get to a aerial lift into the yard to properly tune the transmitter when it is mounted in its final spot. As a result the transmitter will be at a lower level than it should and blocked by taller structures all around it which will likely reduce the range of the signal.

Despite all of these issues, I plan to give this a try and see if I can get it to work. If I get really lucky and can purchase a suitable property in the area to expand the reach of the station, then I believe the station can succeed there. We'll give it a trial run for up to a year from the current location and see if it is possible to get a useable signal out for at least a mile (should be further under normal conditions and siting) and if enough interest is shown by the local community that we'll serve to keep the station on the air. Initially it will be a non commercial entity but at some point I want it to become a commercial station and plan to create some local talk, news, high school sports and information shows to serve the community.

I am working on a backup plan for the radio station just to be safe. I have a standing invitation to relocate to an area in the Northeast US, which is something I will explore in the event, I am unable to succeed with the station in the Cincinnati area. I will also look at a couple of places in the Midwest where I may be able to develop the station under more ideal conditions from an environmental stand point. And if work goes reasonably well in Indianapolis then looking at putting the station into a small city or town outside of the Indianapolis area is a possibility since I can still commute to Indy for my current employer.

I will release details about the specific community we'll serve with the station in the Cincinnati area after I get moved into the new place in December.