New England Confectionary Company is Defunct

Anyone growing up in New England likely remembers seeing NECCO candy in local stores. Many of us enjoyed their Clark Bars, Skybars, NECCO Wafers and even those tiny hearts at St. Valentines day. Sadly, the new owner of the company decided to shutter the doors putting at least 200 people out of work. One can only hope that another company will come to the rescue and resurrect NECCO and some of its products, just like McKee Foods of Tennessee did recently when buying Drakes products. You can read more here about the demise of NECCO and here.

For what it is worth, I actually liked NECCO Wafers and still bought a few packages of them most years even going into this year. And I will always remember getting their candy when trick or treating as a kid on Halloween. Wafers, Sky Bars and Mary Janes were the most common items in the bag aside from Hershey's or Nestle's products. RIP NECCO.