October 2018

Looking for a new job?

According to a recent report done by Glass Door, the following 25 cities offer the best job prospects at this time in the USA. You can read the article here.

Looking for a Acupuncturist in the Cincinnati region?

I recently had a chance to use a local Acupuncturist by the name of Maorong Jiang who lives and works in the Cincinnati area. After just two visits my lower back pain was gone and my range of motion for my body has fully returned. If you are in this area and are in need of a quality service at reasonable prices, please give them a call. They have my endorsement.

Chinese Acupuncture Center
7650 Piney Meadow Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Phone: 513-231-1152

Website: www.acupunctureohio.com.