Oct 2016

Randumb Thoughts for October

*Notably absent from the Rock Hall of Fame. Art or Prog Rock groups from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Missing and should be there include: Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Kansas, King Crimson and Yes.

*NFL stands for "Not For Long." Viewership is declining for the NFL. The reasons? Politics. People want to watch the game and would rather not have to see the political views being forced upon them during the games and also during some of the talk shows. And the off the field, extra curricular activities of some players (those of an illegal nature) is also trying the patience of many fans. Focus more on the game itself and what happens on field and less on the political statements and the fans will return. And find players that don't commit criminal acts in their spare time.

*Never shave with razor blades that are produced by the Marquis De Sade brand name.

*You can deter trick or treaters from showing up at your door every year by handing out stale Tootsie Rolls every year. Or if that is too radical simply try something healthy like apples or perhaps Broccoli or Cauliflower. Guaranteed to work.

*Allergy issues? Try eating a clove of garlic when sinus problems act up. If you have a sinus infection, using fresh Garlic a few times a day over a period of time should eliminate your sinus infection. It also helps clear up blocked nasal passages from allergies and colds. Also helps to lower blood pressure, keep mosquitoes away (for real) and is a blood thinner.

Big 12 Expansion Falls by the Wayside

No doubt all of the suitors that were waiting to hear some positive news regarding being asked to join the Big 12 Conference are completely confused by the outcome of the vote by the Big 12 Conference this week. Some teams that were being courted now feel as though they were played for Chumps.

Here's a suggestion to pass onto the teams of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) which are going to be staying in the AAC. Don't look for greener pastures. Often times making a move of that nature can result in more problems including financial than exists in the current league. Based upon what I've read the Big 12 TV contracts would be up for renewal in a few years and if the renewal was a less than desirable contract for Texas and Oklahoma there is a chance both teams could bolt the Big 12. Take them out of the mix and the conference becomes a rather average conference and probably on par with the current AAC.

My two cents to the AAC members in light of the result of the vote. Stick with the AAC. Build it into a power conference and petition the NCAA to gain the same status as the Power Five conferences. There are teams like Houston, Navy, South Florida and Cincinnati that have very solid or pretty solid football teams. And UConn with its powerhouse college basketball program keeps the Conference on the map. Even Cincinnati often times fields a very good basketball team and its mens' program is ranked in the Top 25 from time to time.

Build the AAC into a Power Six Conference.

Web Development

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Three Sportscasting Legends Retire

Just a quick mention to let people know that three of the greatest sports announcers ever to grace the airwaves are bidding a final farewell to the sports world.

Vin Scully, one of the greatest Major League Baseball announcers ever has finally retired after 67 seasons in the broadcast booth. I remember watching him on CBS and NBC during the 70's and 80's when he used to do the MLB Game of the Week.

Dick Enberg. one of the best ever to work the NFL booth and also Tennis has retired after nearly 60 years in the broadcast booth. Enberg is likely remembered best for being teamed with Merlin Olsen for NBC's coverage of the NFL during the 70's and 80's. And his coverage of several other sports like Tennis, the NBA, MLB and Golf is also going to be remembered.

Verne Lundquist, who is currently calling Southeast Conference College football games on CBS with Gary Danielson is set to retire at the end of this season. Verne started in the booth in 1967 with the Dallas Cowboys and that eventually led to his later work with the NFL, NBA and the pro golf tour. And his appearance in the movie "Happy Gilmore" is one of his most memorable moments on air.

Best wishes to all of you with your future retirement plans! Your fans will always remember your work in the broadcast booth.

Welcome to our new Blog!

Out with the old and in with the new. Since the site has been given a complete make over and now is a portal to all of the websites and forums that I produce, I decided to improve the appearance of the Blog as well.

Blog posts will likely be a little less frequent than in the past. Now that I've produced a couple of forums to deal with Part 15 AM broadcasting I will be spending more time providing support and information to Part 15 AM broadcasters and potential users with the hope that more stations will take to the airwaves in the years ahead. And also I will have to devote time to my own flea powered AM station.

Still… I will be posting commentary and news in my life from time to time right here at the Blog that should still interest family and friends.

Relocation and Radio Update

By now you know that I will be relocating to the Cincinnati area at the end of the year. I will continue working with my present employer in the Indianapolis area and commute daily to Indianapolis.

I will be trying this arrangement for up to a year to see how the commute goes and also whether I develop sinus problems while living in Cincinnati. Unfortunately I have had major sinus problems while living in some places in the Midwest and I am attempting to find a place where I can live and have less sinus problems develop. Staying in the Kansas City area is not going to work out and also living in Indianapolis or anywhere near it will not work. I have been able to breathe better when I've been in small cities or rural areas some distance away from Indianapolis.

Also, the first Part 15 AM radio station will be hitting the air from the Cincinnati area by the Spring of 2017. I face some big challenges with succeeding in this particular location since the current site, is less than environmentally friendly for a Part 15 AM broadcaster. Unfortunately I do not have the money needed to buy a second property in the area which was essential to reaching an adequate number of potential listeners in my suburb and also an adjacent suburb. Most of you are well aware of the money pit effect I've had to endure for years while living in the Kansas City area and later Indianapolis. While that seems to have finally corrected itself, I am left with a single property that has real obstacles or impediments to broadcasting a decent AM signal for a very low power level. Taller buildings around my property, a very tiny yard, tall trees nearby, lots of pavement, a lack of a good spot to mount the transmitter in the yard or on the home and no room to get to a aerial lift into the yard to properly tune the transmitter when it is mounted in its final spot. As a result the transmitter will be at a lower level than it should and blocked by taller structures all around it which will likely reduce the range of the signal.

Despite all of these issues, I plan to give this a try and see if I can get it to work. If I get really lucky and can purchase a suitable property in the area to expand the reach of the station, then I believe the station can succeed there. We'll give it a trial run for up to a year from the current location and see if it is possible to get a useable signal out for at least a mile (should be further under normal conditions and siting) and if enough interest is shown by the local community that we'll serve to keep the station on the air. Initially it will be a non commercial entity but at some point I want it to become a commercial station and plan to create some local talk, news, high school sports and information shows to serve the community.

I am working on a backup plan for the radio station just to be safe. I have a standing invitation to relocate to an area in the Northeast US, which is something I will explore in the event, I am unable to succeed with the station in the Cincinnati area. I will also look at a couple of places in the Midwest where I may be able to develop the station under more ideal conditions from an environmental stand point. And if work goes reasonably well in Indianapolis then looking at putting the station into a small city or town outside of the Indianapolis area is a possibility since I can still commute to Indy for my current employer.

I will release details about the specific community we'll serve with the station in the Cincinnati area after I get moved into the new place in December.