Nov 2016

A Parting Message to the People of the Kansas City Region

Now that my stay in the Kansas City area is about done, I thought I would post my thoughts about living and working here for the last year. I’ll address most of the important positive and negative aspects and attributes and issues I’ve faced for the last year. And I will follow the main pro’s and con’s with some miscellaneous notes that I believe help support my beliefs of the area during my stay. Some of you may be taken aback by the honest or forthright manner this is written. Perhaps it is just what you need to hear because it is evident that so many people in these parts are anything but honest.

The Good

Not everything has been bad or screwed up. Yes, I have met a few good people during my time here. A few. But not enough. More of them exist in the Kansas City area than in the small town of Lexington where I have lived for the last year.

Still can’t beat the BBQ restaurants here. And you can find great beef in the local supermarkets. Also some good Mexican restaurants can be found here though I have not had a chance to eat out very much over the last year due the fact I need to save money.

Fall weather is great. As good as any place in the country. Winter’s are mild with plenty of sunshine and only a few short cold snaps rarely resulting in below zero temperatures. Spring is also pleasant though stormy at times.

The roads are kept up pretty well by MODOT and KDOT. Not that many potholes.

Country Club Plaza. Have always liked the architecture there and also the variety of shopping and entertainment facilities in the area. Lived there for a while many years ago and liked it.

A number of years ago, I lived in Lee’s Summit and North Kansas City I had minimal problems with the people.

Some pretty decent unpaved trails to walk or hike in the metro area.

The Bad

Plenty to write about here. Unfortunately. Let’s start with the least offensive negative aspect of living here and that is the weather. Still can’t stand the heat and humidity during the Summers here and the Hail storms are a problem. Rarely do you have a Summer with somewhat pleasant weather.

Inattentive drivers. Among the worst I’ve seen anywhere. People are busy using their Cell Phones, talking to other people in the car or literally just space out behind the wheel especially when sitting at Traffic lights.

Completely self absorbed behavior. Most people go through life totally oblivious to how their actions will impact others. And this is mostly in a negative manner. Thoughtless action such as this is usually a sign of bad parenting and results in narcissistic attitudes and behavior. Far too much of it here. And worse, most of you don’t seem to even care if you behavior negatively impacts others around you. That is sociopathic behavior.

Crime. And it has negatively impacted my life more than once here over the years. Several threats including death threats. And in years past crime going on around my neighborhood including having my home broken into and some property stolen and also damage to personal property at a house I owned. And recently someone hacking into my internet connection, repeatedly over several months on most weekends. That’s a Federal crime. I doubt the culprits know about that or even care since all they want is a free internet connection or are trying to access information on my computer that they have no right to access. I now have someone monitoring my internet connection and they are ready to take legal action if the problem continues. Lots of lying and thieving goes on around this region.

The infighting and constant quarreling that I have to witness and even experience at work is disturbing. Customers constantly bickering over who is going to do what and if they are having a bad day, they take it out on me. This kind of infantile, unprofessional behavior is embarrassing to witness and demeaning to experience especially since I’ve treated most of these people with respect and decency and have tried to be helpful. Apparently that is taken for granted. People need to put their petty personal problems aside and deal with the task at hand or job first and behave like professionals.

Allergies and sinus problems. It has gotten really bad for me here. I can’t live here anymore. Sinus infections a lot and allergens in the air here are making life hell. I can’t really breathe well until I get to the St. Joseph area or well west of KC. I spend most of my spare time when I am not working (during the work week at least) trying to rest since I don’t get much sleep due to the horrible hours that I work right now and the sinus problems. And you wonder why I don’t have any inclination to have a social life right now? Between that and the money problems I’ve had while living here it is not in the cards right now.

The Ugly

This needs to be said because I speak for many men, not just myself.

The behavior of the women. The over bearing, domineering, aggressive and forceful personalities of a large number of you is really something. Yuck. Many of you also behave like the world revolves around you and expect to be treated like little Queens. You certainly make this man feel like a real woman. And I suspect that is true about many other men around here but they are afraid to say it due to the Politically Correct culture here. I don’t like being treated like crap when it is not warranted and you definitely will NOT catch a decent guy behaving like that contrary to what the Main Stream Media says and portrays relationships between men and women in prime time television. I apologize for making time for most of you. My mistake.

I know what I like and I don’t like the Frau Linkemeyer personalities that seem to dominate most women regardless of their race, creed, color or religion around here. Sadly, most of these distasteful traits seem to be found in women in my generation (Baby Boomer and Generation X) but far less so in the Millennial or Generation Y crowd.

Many women in the KC region are wondering why I am not interested in dating you. Primarily because I don’t like the way I’ve been treated by you (and I know what to expect in a relationship with your kind) but also because I don’t have the time or money right now. To be perfectly honest I’ve only dated women in my native New England and had one date in Montreal and a couple others in the Denver area right after high school. And that woman was from my home state of Connecticut. I would be embarrassed to introduce most of the women I’ve met in the KC region to family or friends. In fact this extends to most of the women in my age bracket that I’ve met in the entire lower Midwest region. A few years ago I had a 28 year old guy (educated and working towards a Masters Degree) tell me this region is one to two generations behind New England. That explains most of the problems with the people in my generation. Your lack of basic manners and rather crude behavior and apparent sleazy lifestyles don’t appeal to me nor would they to most of the men in New England, at least not in my social circle. I don’t like being pushed around or dictated to. I don't like being called "FAKE". I come from a completely different world than you and it is evident judging by the insults you hurl at me you can’t deal with my independent nature or mannerisms. And no, I am not a homosexual. My Mother did not raise me to be that kind of boy. Or to be a sleaze either like most of you. I am NOT going to change my values, personality or character simply because you can’t accept who and what I am. I don’t need a combative relationship. I don’t need a month long relationship or three month fling. Hope you understand.

In addition, I am not interested in dating women that I share little common interests or hobbies. In years past (2006 to 2013) while in this region I found I have far more in common with some of the 20 somethings (Millennial generation) than I do my own generation. And most were sincerely pleasant to talk to when I chose to talk to some of them. And also, most (but not all) were not natives of the Kansas City area and hailed from other regions of our country or other countries. Many thanks for being civil and the enjoyable conversations that we had. I can’t say that about most of the women older than around 30 years old or any that I’ve met during the last year. Thus, in light of the terrible experiences I am having with mostly Middle Aged women, if I date again, it will be a woman from that Millennial generation and not my own. I’ve never dated any woman more than two years younger than myself. But that is going to change IF I date again. I will not even consider dating any more women in the Baby Boomer or Generation Y age brackets. Won’t happen. I’m not a masochist. Sorry.

Dating at this point in my life is not on the horizon. I’ve got too many projects in my personal life to tackle right now and have to unravel some of the damage done by the thoughtless and careless behavior of others that has negatively impacted my life. Rest assured, I do not need to hear a woman tell me she does want to go out or does not want to go out when I speak with her. It makes you appear delusional and most assuredly will not result in my asking you out. There are more subtle ways a woman can let a man know if she is or is not interested without having to demean him by vocalizing her wishes especially when the guy is NOT even trying to ask you out. If I want to ask you out, believe me I will ask you out. And if you say “no” then that is fine and we’ll leave it at that. And if you say “yes” well go from there. And behaving like a heathen, creep or bully is also not a good way to get me interested or any guy for that matter though it seems to work with some men in this region that hail from here. It would be like dating a female version of Eddie Haskell, which seems to a common character quality in the middle aged women in these parts.


Years ago while living and working in West Hartford, CT when I told my co workers and some other people that I was going to be moving to the Kansas City area I was shocked at the reaction. A dozen people, literally a dozen implored me not to move here and they essentially said the people are "messed up". One guy said "you will like it there". Right on both counts. I DID like living here but have also found out most of the people truly are screwed up with serious mental issues and controlling personalities and behavior.

While living and working here in years past I could find enough reasons to stay here, I can't this time around. The quality of life (at least for me) is deteriorating and the people are becoming nastier as time passes. My personal experiences bear this out. I can live somewhere else where I won't have delusional people accusing me of doing things I have not done in an attempt to deflect attention away from their own behavior, misdeeds or even criminal activity. People like you bear closer scrutiny and that just may happen in the future. I won't get pushed around or told to "follow orders" in most places outside of the lower Midwest region. I'm not a Brown Shirt or a member of the NAZI Party.

After I get settled into my new home and get the important work out of the way and hopefully find some free time (probably by the Fall of 2017) if I find a woman I like, I will ask her out. And it is probable she will be a part of the Millennial generation. But for now, dating is not an option because I am moving in a month to another part of the country and sincerely doubt a productive, stable relationship can develop in such a short period of time.

Ultimately I have my reputation to consider. I am in good standing with the people that count in this country. I can ill afford to have that damaged by getting involved with many of the people like those I've had to deal with while in the KC region. I need to stay in good standing with the people that can help me when people like you start to screw with me. And that has been the case in the past. Sorry but that is the way it is.

Hope this clears up a few things and will dispel some of your moronic rumors and lies you’ve started about me.

Weight Loss Tips

If you are like me, you probably ate a whole lot of fattening food over the Thanksgiving holiday. And probably added a few pounds to your midsection. Here are a couple of tips that can help you to lose that spare tire or at least reduce it.

Green Tea. Believe it or not, drinking a couple of cups of this a day will lead to weight loss. I usually slim down after drinking a couple of cups daily for a good month.

Walking. It's true. In combination with the Green Tea consumption, I have started to walk on average two to four miles a day. Sometimes a couple of miles in the morning and then again at night. I used to walk a mile to two miles daily but it just didn't help reduce the waistline that much.

Less Dairy Products. Cutting back on Ice Cream and Milk from your daily diet can also help you to reduce the waistline.

I recently did a test. After reducing my waistline over a period of a couple of months, I stopped drinking Green Tea and reduced my walking distance for a couple of weeks. Sure enough, the waistline has started to grow again. I will be getting back to the Green Tea, more walking and eating less Dairy products in the months ahead. It works.

2016 Election Results

This is a message to the people of the United States of America (citizens of voting age) that are not very pleased with the outcome of the Presidential Election. The quality of your stupidity is rising rapidly.

You are behaving like fascistic, spoiled brats. Literally. Get over it. The American people have spoken and they determined the country needs to be taken to a new direction after eight years of the previous administration's failed policies.

Rioting and attacking people based upon race or who they may have voted for is usually reserved for third world countries run by Dictator's. If you don't like the results of the elections and claim this is not your President then you are FREE to LEAVE for another country. No one is going to stop you from going to a better country, if you can find one.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. But I recognize the fact that he won the election fair and square despite claims indicating otherwise. He is OUR new PRESIDENT effective January 20, 2017. Just like the current President, I will hope that he carries out his promises or at least some of them that he made to us during the Primary process and during the actual Presidential campaign. Let's hope he will surround himself with better people than the previous administrations and appoint people to cabinet positions that can carry out his agenda as outlined during the campaign. Too often we have seen a President make promises before being elected and then after he takes office, we find out we've been lied to. This has been an ongoing problem since before any of us were born. We don't need Business as Usual anymore and the country needs to take a new direction to start a healing process and foster an environment where all Americans can benefit. Ultimately increasing employment and cutting personal and business taxes will lead to a better country and reduce the dependence by certain people on our social welfare system when they should not be utilizing it. That safety net is there for those that are truly in need and cannot work.

If you continue with your rioting and violent attacks it will lead to war in the streets. A war that you will not win because you are vastly outnumbered by people that respect the electoral process in this country and also the rule of law. Grow up.