May 2019

Typo's and spelling issues on Mac computers

Has anyone else noticed how difficult it has become to type a letter or text in an email message without having Spell check on your Mac either try to correct it to another word (there to their for example) or type a completely different word than the one intended (forum becomes for ray for another example) which results in a completely incoherent sentence? Before these automatic spell checkers were implemented in computers, I could go back and proof read something and catch most of the errors and correct them. Now it is more difficult due to the constant word changing and having to go back and try to catch words that are not highlighted as errors since the computer put in what it thought is the correct word. When I just typed the word "what" a moment ago, it changed it to "that". Nuts.

The Happiest States and Cities in the USA

Since I am in the process of researching places to develop the Part 15 radio station into a commercial venture, I have begun looking at places that seemingly have happier people than in my current region. And I have a friend that is planning to relocate herself and her kids in the future and this is a good way to help her find a suitable place to call home.

Clearly it is preferable to live and develop a small business in a place where you won't find as much negativity as I've found in the region where I reside presently and even the states that surround it. Just a lack of positive people and a "Can Do" attitude seems to permeate the place. On to the rankings and lists that I've found.

Happiest cities from Wallethub.

Happiest states from Wallethub.

Gallup: Ten happiest and healthiest states in the USA

The United States of Well Being from Yahoo. Best and worst states map.

Another Radio Station Update

The noise that was evident in the transmitter audio chain at the start of the tests has not returned. I've been running weather reports for a couple of weeks now on the new Talking House I.a.m transmitter. Range is very limited right now due to the indoor antenna being used. This is sufficient for a few months while I continue testing the new automation software and audio processing software. In addition I am continuing to record the Smooth Jazz music for the station and hope to begin airing the music format by early Summer time.

I am still working on a short list of communities to relocate the station to where the transmitters will work better and not face numerous challenges from the environment in this area. I am going to try to locate in a community that has no local radio at all or at best, no local programs from any location stations that may exist in that area. I will have more to report on the short list of potential sites in a few months.