June 2019

More Radio News

I have been able to get the automation software and audio processor to run trouble free on the same computer for almost 14 straight hours. If this trend continues for another 12 hours it is safe bet it will be usable for on air use. Still a lot more features to learn before that happens but this is the biggest hurdle that is now out of the way.

Over Labor Day weekend I will be visiting with a friend that is a Broadcast Engineer who will help me to fine tune the audio processing for the stations. With that in mind, I may have to take the station off the air for a few days since this entails a road trip to a place 11 hours from here and will require the use of the transmitter in order to find the proper settings for several formats. I will be able to save each as a Preset that can be used at a later date and won't require any additional tweaking.