Jul 2017

July Update

Consolidating all of my notes this month into a single post. Been away from home for work a lot as usual and also been busy at home doing work with what little spare time I have.

Radio Update. Another setback has occurred that I could not have foreseen when I bought my home here in the Cincinnati area. Our local electric utility installed some new Smart Meters in the area including my own home and the end result is a tremendous amount of noise on most of the AM broadcast band. I've found that the two frequencies that I favored to use for my Part 15 AM station here are exhibiting the most noise. 1630 and 1640 are unusable now. While the noise extends into the power lines at the street and going into homes I have found that when walking around my house with my portable radios there are some spots that are pretty quiet with some of the available frequencies and that should make it possible to listen to my own station. But what is really shocking is that even some of the full power licensed AM stations in the area that usually have moderate signals inside my home are even impacted to some degree until I move the radios into a better spot.

I have five portable radios that I will be using over the next few weeks to periodically check the upper end of the AM dial to see if I can still find a frequency that will be usable for my Part 15 AM station here. Based upon what I've heard on my own property it may still be possible to broadcast here and possibly get some indoor reception of my signal in most area homes within a mile of the station provided the people can move their radio to a better spot inside their own home if noise is present on the frequency. I suspect the Smart Meters are being used in most of the homes and businesses in the area and this is going to be a widespread problem.

The other potential problem is not going to be determined until after I purchase a new transmitter. If I find the noise actually finds its way into the audio chain of my station then I will have a major problem to try to resolve. Aside from solar power I can't think of a way around this unless there is some kind of filtering devices that I can purchase to clean up the noise. Will research this issue and hope I don't have to deal with this at the outset, if I can get on the air here. With all the other problems that already exist here (taller buildings all around my property, puny yard and limited space and poor siting choices for the transmitter, trees and no access with a lift to tune the transmitter correctly while it is in a stationery position in the air) I am at my wits end. No chance now that I can purchase a second property here either thanks to quickly rising home prices and brisk sales. Without that second property to expand the reach of the station and also offer a better signal from a better location, I really have one hand already tied behind my back even before getting on the air! Not giving up the ship just yet and I am going to try to get the noise problem resolved by next Spring. If I can get around that I should be able to get the station on the air and then at least find out if it has a chance at succeeding. One possibility that may help is to change the proposed format to News/Talk from the Smooth Jazz I had planned. Some noise on the signal for Talk will be much less of a problem than with Music.

Work Update. Work in Indianapolis is still generally slow and only occasional busy weeks have kept me afloat. Fortunately I have the green light to transfer again. Provided that I can come up with the money I need to transfer in a few weeks (fairly close now) I will be heading to our St. Louis office where we have a lot more work. I will plan to be there for a few months and then see if an opening becomes available in our new Cincinnati office. We have a lot of new offices around the country thanks to our new owner but so many of them are essentially just starting up that there are not any openings at this time outside of New England (can't go back to Hartford due to fiscal issues with the city and state) and Nashville. I won't be able to handle the heat and humidity of summer in Nashville. Kansas City is about the most extreme summer climate that I can handle.

At this point if the money is there, I will move to St. Louis in September. I WILL NOT BE SELLING MY HOUSE here in the Cincinnati area. That is a very last resort and will only happen if I can't get the radio station to work here. In St. Louis I can get the money I need to use towards getting the radio station on the air and also hope that I can resolve the noise problem. And I will cross my fingers that we have a opening in our Cincinnati office by next spring and Ithen stick with my current employer of more than eleven years with many more years to come. A job change is also a very last resort.

Personal notes. Sinus problems? Have mentioned some things in the past to help alleviate suffering in the upper respiratory area. Have found that taking Zinc, Golden Seal, Echinacea, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil extract, and Turmeric also help a great deal. Head to your local vitamin and herb aisle at your store of choice and give these a try. They really work.

I've been on the Kentucky side of the Cincinnati metro area now for about seven months. So far aside from the major problems with the location and other issues with my proposed Part 15 AM radio station, life here is not that bad. Service in the local stores and restaurants has been good and most of the meals I've purchased in the local restaurants have been fine. And I am definitely having very few problems with the people here compared to a few other places I've lived over the last fifteen years in the lower Midwest. Not all of course but nearly half have been pretty bad or downright awful. So far, so good here probably due to the southern influences despite this being the very far northern part of Kentucky.

Spell check is abysmal on my Mac. If you ever see a spelling error or the wrong word in place of a correct word in any of my posts please be assured I do know how to spell but the way the Spell Check function works on this software, it fills in a word it "thinks" is correct and not necessarily the one you type or want. Example: Their becomes There. Or To becomes Too. Ugh.