Jan 2017

Getting Settled in the Cincinnati area

I'm finally living in my house in Northern Kentucky (NKY). There is far more work that needs to be done than I first anticipated. It's a fixer upper.

Plumbing is the biggest nemesis right now. Fortunately I can live in the place but I will be spending all of my spare income over the course of at least the next six months on upgrading the plumbing in the place. Aside from that the other work that needs to be done is relatively minor and much of it I can knock off myself. Plumbing is out of my league though and I have to spend some real money for a reputable contracting company to handle virtually everything that needs to be done.

Currently I am commuting to the Indianapolis area for work with my present employer. I've been with them for what will be eleven years in March. Our former owners in St. Louis sold the company to a large company in New York City in December and it appears there are some promising accounts we'll be signing in the New Year. This hopefully will result in more work and better pay in the years ahead. Hopefully the commute to Indy from the Cincinnati area will be cost effective and allow me to stay with my current employer. Unless the work at the house becomes over whelming for me and I can't get it done due to a lack of funds, I plan to stay in this home for a couple of years while I try to save enough money to buy a more suitable property for a permanent residence.

Unfortunately the Part 15 AM radio station will have to be put on hold for now because I will not have the money to purchase the new equipment that I need to get the station up and running. If I am lucky and my income allows it, I may be able to get the station on the air over the Summer of 2017. The work at the house takes precedence over the radio station though and the most important projects that need to be done at the house come first.

For some reason the move here has resulted in several damaged pieces of equipment that will take time and money to replace. Just more bad luck like I've had in recent years while living in the Midwest. Hopefully that trend is going to end now and perhaps I can settle here. I do have a couple of backup plans and invitations to return to Maine or New York. Will be keeping those places in mind just in case life or the work at the house becomes unmanageable.

That's the latest. I'll keep you updated on life in general and the radio station when needed here on the Blog.