Dec 2016

Relocation Update

Spending my last week in the KC area. I will be moving to the Cincinnati area and starting work for my present employer in Indianapolis again very soon.

I will be off the internet from December 23 until December 27 or 28. If you don't receive a reply from me via email during that time, please be patient and I will respond to all messages after the 27th. Also, website updates will likely resume in January once I get settled into my house and have most of the work complete. Lots of little updates need to be done and that takes first priority before the website updates resume.

More Weight Loss Tips

Sleep. The more sleep you get the more calories your body will burn. Strange but true. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night vs. 6 hours or less will result in weight loss.

Eat less processed foods. Fresh produce and meats are not only healthier for you but also help you to keep your weight in check. Most any processed foods including those in a box that contain a lot of additives will often times result in weight gain.

Eat smaller meals two or three times a day vs. eating larger meals.

Get sick a lot. LOL That is what I do best. Sinus infections and colds. Get a cold and it is likely your appetite will decline and that will result in weight loss.

Eat once a day like I do. :-) Not by choice but due to my work schedule I can only eat before I go to work. I do have time to snack on stuff while I am out driving around but don't have the money to spend on a full meal each day and have to rely upon what I can take with me.


I've requested and was granted a change in my work duties and hours with my current employer until I relocate to Indianapolis at the end of this month. These changes were necessary in an effort to improve my physical and mental well being. This should result in more sleep despite longer work hours. :-) As a result I will be working far more hours than before and I won't have time to update the websites much for a while. Also, with the relocation process underway I will have very little time to do any radio work or updates to the radio sites for a while.