Apr 2017


A general news update of sorts. A little of this and a little of that.

First, it has been a bad week for electronics here. My four month old electric razor stopped working. Back to using a razor blade. Can't go wrong with the old reliable Gillette Track Two! A new TV antenna that I purchased a week ago suddenly stopped working a day and a half after it was installed. It has a built in pre amp. It's a Televes DAT 790 MIX. Great antenna really. I unplugged the pre amp and took down the antenna for a week. On a whim I reinstalled it for a test today and found it was working again. A word of advice with electronics. More than once I've had a piece of electronic equipment fail and then a few days later it works again. Not sure why but in some cases, if you unplug the device and let it sit for a couple of days or longer and then plug it back in it will work. Before you throw out a piece of gear that does not work, at least give this a try first. Lastly, the replacement antenna I put up stopped working too. After spending most of Saturday troubleshooting the problem I was able to find out the coax cable was bad. Replaced it and now at least the older antenna works again.

Other news. The volume of work is picking up and my checks are improving. But I am several months behind where I had hoped to be at this point with getting repairs done to the plumbing at my house and also getting the Part 15 AM radio station on the air here. If I don't run into any more major money draining issues and the paychecks remain at the current level or improve, I think by the end of this year WIMP AM Radio will hit the air. And if I get lucky I hope to stream the station on the internet as well. But that will likely take some additional time and cost.

Lastly, how many of you are frustrated when using a automated check out machine in a retail outlet? Today for example, I spent ten minutes trying to get a dozen items scanned on a machine at a local store. During the checkout process each time I took a bag off the machine I was prompted to put it back. And then when I would put it back I was yet again prompted to remove the item from the bagging area. This cycle continued for five times at which point a clerk in the store came over and proceeded to have the very same problem. LOL After a few more minutes she was able to get the machine out of the loop it was stuck in and I was on my way. Countless times in recent months when using these machines in Indianapolis or Cincinnati a simple transaction that should take just a minute or two ends up taking several minutes longer to complete. I'm beginning to think the machines are not only far from perfect but need to be improved to alleviate most of the hassles associated with using them at checkout. Clearly a Cashier is the best option but it is not always practical to sit in line for a long time to wait to checkout. So much for progress…