Randumb Thoughts for November

***Why is it I can never get Candy Corn to grow after planting it?

***Did you know that Hawaii is the only State in the USA that is able to grow Coffee Beans apparently due to cultivation issues?

***In Minnesota it is against the law to sleep in the nude.

***When the wind blows snow around it is called a Blizzard. But when wind blows soil into the air in the form of a cloud it is called a Black Blizzard.

***A body of water where the ocean and a river or stream meets results in Brackish water.

***An Archeologist is a person who's career is in ruins.

***The worst recorded Hail Storm on record in the USA during the 20th century happened on May 5, 1995 in the Dallas, TX metro area. Stones the size of tennis and softballs were were seen and created terrible damage to structures and property in the region.