Radio Station Update

Real progress to report for the Part 15 AM station. While in Covington, I will be running the station as test in an effort to learn the new automation software (beyond the basics) and also how to become better at producing audio files for on air play. A Smooth Jazz format should debut by the middle of August on the station and then to follow in the months ahead, additional testing will lead to trying a couple of different formats for a while.

I am just about done with researching new communities that offer better potential to develop the radio station as a commercial entity. I will be visiting one of these places next weekend again to do a preliminary check of one or two properties that seem to be adequate for both living and running the radio station. With luck, I will be able to have actual showings of a property or two in the Fall and then work towards buying a better property than the current property. Relocation seems to be the only way to get a better property now that home prices are rising fast here and sales are brisk. Realistically there is no chance I can get the property I need in Covington now to supplement the existing property for radio station purposes.

No set timetable yet for relocation but I would venture a guess that I will be in Covington for at least one more year and probably to a year and a half while I get another property ready for living and the radio station. Much depends upon how much work the new property will need before I can determine an approximate date for sign on at the new location.

In the meantime I am going to continue working at my new job in the Cincinnati area and continue to get the equipment needed for the radio stations before relocation occurs.