Radio Station Update

Currently still in limbo with the Part 15 AM radio station. The new transmitter and Antenna Tuning Unit that I need to purchase to try at the existing location is delayed until the release of the new Antenna Tuning Unit. Hoping that will be by the Fall of this year. Once I am able to test that transmitter at the current location, I will know if the station has a chance of going on the air in Covington.

In the meantime I am beginning to research other locations to put the station in the event the transmitter won't function properly at this location. In addition to finding another location in Covington, I am also looking at some places outside this area. Since my current job is secure and I am able to move (transfer) freely within the company to another location, I am also keeping this option open at this time. One way or another my station will return to the air in the not too distant future.