Randumb Thoughts for August

***I have a rare day off from work. Getting a new Axel and Wheel Bearings on my car and I can't get to work as a result. Yet again another setback with my goal to get money saved to get the radio station on the air. Will probably push me back another couple of months. Still can't do anything until the new ATU is marketed by Talking House/ISS.

***Has anyone else noted that whomever is doing President Trump's face makeup is making him look like a Oompa Loompa?

***Here's something really strange. Last year when I would be out in my yard working in the warmer months, I didn't see or get bitten by a single mosquito. This year? Swarms of them despite the fact I don't see any standing water nearby where they can multiply.

***Some good reading about the personality disorders of many people in our society. Link to a blog on Psychology Today.

***And a related subject. A new book by Bill Eddy called : Five Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life: Identifying and Dealing with Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other High-Conflict Personalities. Link.

More Connecticut Sports News

Former Hartford Whaler fans will recall what a great Play by Play guy Chuck Kaiton was during his long stay in Connecticut and later with the Carolina Hurricanes. Unfortunately Chuck Kaiton was asked to take a drastic pay cut or would lose his job with the Hurricanes. You can read the article here.

Apparently the Carolina Hurricanes are losing a ton of money and this is one measure to help cut costs. Me thinks their days in North Carolina are numbered. Perhaps a move to an area with a longer hockey tradition would make sound business sense.

Passing of a Connecticut Olympic Sports Legend

Lindy Remigino.

Radio Station Update

Currently still in limbo with the Part 15 AM radio station. The new transmitter and Antenna Tuning Unit that I need to purchase to try at the existing location is delayed until the release of the new Antenna Tuning Unit. Hoping that will be by the Fall of this year. Once I am able to test that transmitter at the current location, I will know if the station has a chance of going on the air in Covington.

In the meantime I am beginning to research other locations to put the station in the event the transmitter won't function properly at this location. In addition to finding another location in Covington, I am also looking at some places outside this area. Since my current job is secure and I am able to move (transfer) freely within the company to another location, I am also keeping this option open at this time. One way or another my station will return to the air in the not too distant future.

Food for Thought

Some interesting food facts follow. Read these in a weekly free newspaper.

Vinegar has the power to melt pearls.

Eating Banana's can help fight Depression.

In the state of Kentucky, it is illegal to hold a ice cream cone in your back pocket.

In South Africa, it is common to roast up termites and ants and eat them as Popcorn.

Fruit snacks typically contain a "special ingredient" known as wax. It is similar to wax that is used to polish a car.

There are approximately 350 different pasta shapes used around the world. Italians often insist the shape you use can affect the taste.

The first food ever microwaved was Popcorn. The second was an egg which exploded in the face of the inventor of the microwave.

Processed cheese was invented in Switzerland over 100 years ago. James L. Kraft of America was the first to make it commercially available by the slice just after World War II. Typically slices contain less than 51% real cheese.