Looking for Clean Air?

Many of us have sinus problems or asthma and need to be around clean air to breathe well. The following information may help people with respiratory issues to find a community where they will suffer less from the air quality.

Six USA cities with clean air

Asthma Capitals in the USA for 2019

More cleanest air US cities

Fortune Cookie

Stopped by my favorite Chinese restaurant in my current home town to pick up some food yesterday. I received two fortune cookies with my lunch. One I found particularly amusing and have to mention here.

"Enjoy yourself while you can". Does this sound like it was written by an extreme narcissist? LOL

Another Radio Station Update

WIMP AM 1620 is on the air with a Smooth Jazz format. The good news out of the way first. The automation software is functioning well and the station sounds good at least as far as the mixing of the audio files is concerned. And the quality of the audio of the music is surprisingly good for AM with the transmitter when the audio problems are not prevalent. That leads me to the bad news and we will be working on these problems in the weeks and months ahead to eliminate the problems with the audio quality of the station. First a bad hum is in the background of the audio and it won't be possible to eliminate it due to the fact the indoor antenna is negatively impacted by the house electrical wiring. Two ways to resolve the issue. First, using an outdoor antenna which is the ultimate goal. Second, a solar system to power the transmitter and possibly the entire station.

The plan to quell the problems is as follows. First, we will install an outdoor antenna in the Fall with the hope the range of the station will improve, and it should. And then possibly installing at least one solar panel and battery to power the transmitter with the hope that will eliminate the hum problem. The other issue which is in the audio chain is due to the on board Automatic Gain Control of the transmitter which conflicts with the Audio Processor that is used to enhance the quality of the Audio as well as the loudness. I will be meeting our Station Engineer in early September and we will see if we can eliminate the distortion problem in the audio chain. Afterward working on a outdoor antenna will be the next step with improving the listening experience of the station.

Visit here for more info or you can see the WIMP AM radio website for more information about the station and future plans including improving the audio chain on the station.

General Update

***The new WIMP AM Radio website is now up and running. It has been brought to my attention that the new site does not display properly in small hand held devices like cell phones. I used new website design software for this site and I noted that I created a fixed size site and not one that is responsive. As a result, I will create a scaled down, mobile version of the site and piggyback it on the existing site for mobile users. I should be able to get to that this first weekend in August. It won't contain all of the content of the full site and will be scaled back for ease of display on a mobile device.

***Research on potential relocation sites will continue for a while longer. Currently I have a list of communities located in Maine, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas on the short list . Ultimately I plan to start looking for a more suitable property for the radio station and living after the New Year. I hope by the Spring of 2020 I can purchase a better property and then hope to relocate within a year afterward once the property is ready for the radio station and inhabiting. Immediate plans entail sticking with the current job and living in Covington for at least one more year and upwards of two years if necessary.

***I will be purchasing a new weather station to replace the old Davis Vantage Pro which finally stopped working last year. The new weather station will allow me to upload current conditions for Covington to the website and local residents can take advantage of seeing local weather conditions for their immediate area upon demand.

***Watched a great movie this past weekend. The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. Highly recommended especially if you are a home owner. One of the funniest movies to come out of the 1980's.

Radio Station Update

Real progress to report for the Part 15 AM station. While in Covington, I will be running the station as test in an effort to learn the new automation software (beyond the basics) and also how to become better at producing audio files for on air play. A Smooth Jazz format should debut by the middle of August on the station and then to follow in the months ahead, additional testing will lead to trying a couple of different formats for a while.

I am just about done with researching new communities that offer better potential to develop the radio station as a commercial entity. I will be visiting one of these places next weekend again to do a preliminary check of one or two properties that seem to be adequate for both living and running the radio station. With luck, I will be able to have actual showings of a property or two in the Fall and then work towards buying a better property than the current property. Relocation seems to be the only way to get a better property now that home prices are rising fast here and sales are brisk. Realistically there is no chance I can get the property I need in Covington now to supplement the existing property for radio station purposes.

No set timetable yet for relocation but I would venture a guess that I will be in Covington for at least one more year and probably to a year and a half while I get another property ready for living and the radio station. Much depends upon how much work the new property will need before I can determine an approximate date for sign on at the new location.

In the meantime I am going to continue working at my new job in the Cincinnati area and continue to get the equipment needed for the radio stations before relocation occurs.