LPAM Network Website

The development of the new replacement site continues. I've almost completed the new site. I expect to have the final edition up and running in a couple of weeks.

Work at my new job in the Cincinnati area continues to go well. Now seeing some Overtime which is always a plus and positive sign that business is good.

Next month I will start to put together the small studio for the Part 15 AM radio station. Just waiting for the new Talking House Remote Antenna Tuning Unit to be released before testing of the station begins. Hoping it will be on the air before the end of this Spring.

New LPAM Logo and Banner

This will be the new Logo and Banner/Header for the new and updated LPAM Network website. I am still hoping to have the new site in place by sometime in March.

LPAM Logo Base

Another New Look

I had to make a change to the former site. I found out the links that were embedded into text would not only not function properly, but also, it was not possible to type in the correct URL for the link and have it link to its respective site. Hopefully this new theme will allow links embedded in text to work properly.

Radio Station update and Radio News

I'm finally making some real progress with the development of the Part 15 AM radio station. I just obtained a new audio processing software program that will allow the station to sound like the big licensed stations. It will take months of testing to get the right sound though since it has so many potential settings for a variety of parameters. Learning how each one works is going to take time. Initially when the radio station hits the air I will work on fine tuning the sound with a variety of music and talk audio with the hope I can find the best settings for the planned music format here.

I've finally had a chance to update three of the websites that I run. The WILW site along with the
Hamilton Rangemaster Forum and the WIMP AM Radio website. The new Low Power AM Radio Network site is now under development but due to the sheer size and scope of the site, it will likely not make its debut until at least March. I will be updating content and removing content and links that no longer work. But the basic nuts and bolts of the site and its information will still remain intact.

Former UConn Huskies Basketball Great Has Passed Away

Tony Hanson, Guard and the leader of the UConn Huskies for several years in the mid 1970's culminating with a Sweet 16 appearance during his Senior year died this week at the age of 63. In recent years Tony Hanson had been living in England and was still involved in Basketball before moving back to Connecticut in 2016. You can read more about his life here.